Pottery Painting

P1010906At The Hive we only charge a studio fee of £3.50 at peak times (Saturdays and school holidays) – if you wish to avoid this charge then visit during the school week when The Hive is quieter.   Our studio fee covers your time in our shop, the glazing and firing service and for us to clean up after you!     You only pay the studio fee once per person painting then you can choose as many pieces to paint, each item is priced individually.

We also offer a ‘Portable Pottery Party’ where you collect all the pottery and materials from The Hive, paint them at your party then return them to us to fire in our kiln.

Pottery Prices

Our ceramic selection changes frequently so the following is just a guide of what we have in to paint and the prices.

photo44″ tile – £3.30
6″ tile- £4.50
Mugs (various sizes shapes & sizes) from £4.99
Plates (various sizes) from £7.80
Animals (sharks, owls, dragons, turtles, cats, dogs, elephants etc) – from £8.40
Princesses & fairies – from £14 – £23
Flower pots, utensil holders & boxes – from £11.40 upwards
Tea-ware (teapots, sugar bowls, creamers and cup with saucer) – from £8.45 – £27.00
Money banks (trains, teddy bear, fish) – £16 upwards

This is just a small selection of what we stock, do come down and take a look at all our bisque-wear.  Painted pottery will usually be available for collection after firing within a week of your visit, posting service available on request.