Busy Little Bees

HOW OFTEN DO YOU GET CREATIVE WITH YOUR TODDLER?  Research has identified the importance of creative and messy play in many aspects of young children’s development including problem-solving, social skills and mental growth.

ANNAOur BUSY LITTLE BEE pre-schooler sessions are the ideal opportunity for you and your child to make a regular date to get creative, get messy and to experiment with a variety of materials and projects every week.  Even better you won’t need to clear up afterwards! Join one of our classes and make new friends while making unique artwork to treasure forever.

The Busy Little Bees sessions provide an excellent foundation for the Early Years Foundation they will follow at school and are an excellent environment for developing social skills amongst their peers. Classes are booked in 6-week blocks to reserve your space at the same time each week. Classes will only run during term-time.

There will be a maximum of 10 children per class, parents/guardians remain with the child for sessions as this is a parent & child learning experience. Busy Little Bee sessions run term-time only, Mondays 10-11am, Tuesdays 11am,  Thursdays 2pm and Fridays at 9.15am.   Busy Little Bees Programme, suitable from 2 years upwards.  £4.50 per session, includes juice and a biscuit afterwards.

photo3Our three programs include:

SPRING TERM: Touchy Textures (Jan to Easter)

Explore your child’s creative world through the topic of textures.  We will help your child learn to distinguish between rough, smooth, bumpy, fuzzy and several other textures using fun and interesting projects.  Painting, gluing and sticking are always part of the class.

AUTUMN TERM: Silly Shapes Programme  (Sept – Christmas)


Bring your busy little bee on a journey of shape exploration with us at The Hive. Our 12 week program will introduce pre-schoolers to the exciting world of shapes and what you can make with them. There is always some painting, cutting and sticking, we will work with a variety of materials and usually they will make something to take home so clear a wall for their art gallery!

SUMMER TERM: Rainbow Safari Colours (May – July)

Help your child identify and understand the basic principles behind primary colours and their role in the rainbow of colours we can create from them.  Using a variety of materials and tools we will enjoy a different creative project each week.

Throughout the year in addition to the weekly classes we will also be attempting to create the entire alphabet out of handprint animals – a couple each week for you to keep as a childhood art project to treasure forever.